Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler Retires, Joins Fox Sports 1

Jay Cutler is retiring from football to join Fox Sports 1.

Former Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler is going the Tony Romo route and retiring from the NFL to join the broadcast booth. Jay Cutler last month had serious discussions with the New York Jets about joining the team but the talks never materialized into a contract for the veteran. Cutler also had less serious talks with the Houston Texans but that door closed once the Texans moved up in the NFL Draft to get Deshaun Watson. While Jay Cutler refuses to call this a “retirement” from the NFL, it is hard to see him sparking any interests in 2018 after so many QB-needy teams passed on him this offseason.

Jay Cutler will join a three-man broadcast team and ironically his first broadcast assignment is to cover his former team, the Chicago Bears. More from PFT:

Jay Cutler won’t have to wait long for an opportunity to use his new post in a FOX broadcast booth to share his thoughts about his former team.

Cutler will be joining Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis in a three-man crew and, during an appearance on Mad Dog Sports Radio with Adam Schein, Burkhardt revealed when they’ll work together for the first time. Burkhardt said that the team’s first game together will come in the third week of the preseason when the Bears travel to Nashville to take on the Titans.

Burkhardt also shared some of his thoughts on Cutler’s audition for the job. He said Cutler was “so into the preparation” and that Cutler’s performance left him feeling confident that Cutler’s “sarcastic humor” will help him be a good fit for the job.

Was this the best move for Cutler or should he had pressed harder to get a contract with the Jets? Will Romo or Cutler be a better broadcaster? Sound off below.


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