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Andy Dalton Proves Why the Bengals Must Sign Colin Kaepernick

I often wonder who deserves to win in the NFL? Stable organizations, innovative front offices, and above-average quarterbacks with quick receivers. But what about the deadbeat NFL teams (There is only one deadbeat team and that’s the Bengals).

In Cincinnati’s Paul Brown Stadium, best known as the office space  for football renegades looking for a second chance, a red-headed under achiever is making a  mockery of the QB position, throwing picks, eating the ground, and putting up a doughnut in a season opener against a division rival. He’s not a “The Red Riffle” or a “Red Rider BB Gun” , he’s a broken arrow with no sling and a bevy of targets.

The Bengals shouldn’t compete with the Jets or Dolphins for the Josh Rosen Sweepstakes or pull of four wins for a shot at Lamar Jackson. Bengals Owner Mike Brown needs to sign free-agent Colin Kaepernick Monday morning. QB is the most fixable problem and , if fixed, can compensate for the other organizational hiccups in this Southwestern Ohio franchise.

Let’s accept the stomach turning scenario where Brown and Marvin Lewis will lead this team for another decade. We cut Andy Dalton (and to a lesser extent let Jeremy Hill’s contract expire). Joe Mixon and Gio in the backfield, A.J. Green’s sure hands, Tyler Effiert’s big body in the redzone, and the fastest 40 yard dasher so far John Ross, this team should succeed with Ken Anderson at Quarterback. I know what your thinking Ken Anderson the Bengals all-time franchise leader in passing yards out of retirement? No. This Ken Anderson:

[Image Courtesy of and iillustrator]

(A pro wrestler taking over the Cincinnati Bengals QB job is the ultimate Bengals story line on Fox Sports:

Joe Buck: Welcome to Greenbay where we final answer the age old question “What skills does Andy Dalton have that most wrestlers take for granted?

Troy Aikman: Can Hulk Hogan throw a 20 yard spiral? Are the Bengals’ dreams #TooSweet for the American Nightmare at QB? Can the Youngbucks take the Superkick Party all the way to the Superbowl Party?)

Dalton’s resume reads that he’s too predictable and shrinks in the playoffs. With all his targets, Dalton is the biggest waste of a QB since Tim Tebow rode the coat tails of an all-time great defense to an improbable playoff win.

Kaepernick has the credentials of a starting QB for the Texans, Broncos, Dolphins, or Bills (bubble teams with a shot of winning in the playoffs). He’s played in six playoff games (Dalton five), has won four post season games (Dalton zero),broke Michael Vick’s post season game rushing record (Dalton recorded a diss track that makes Vanilla Ice cringe),, has quicker legs and a t-shirt cannon for an arm ( You pray that Dalton can convert 3rd and 15+ ), a tattoo stamped across his chest reading “against all odds” (Dalton is the ultimate odd ball quarterback), a 4.0 GPA with a degree in Management, and also sat during the national anthem.

I forgot one thing: He was three points away from coming back and beating the Ravens in the Super Bowl. Super Bowl experience and playoff acumen no longer determine you whether you start or sit ( See: Dalton, Cutler, Tom Savage, and yes Joe Flacco. Also add every Bengals QB drafted since 1992). Standing during the National Anthem will be Mel Kipper’s go-to analysis when #TheRosenOne declares eligibility.

Free speech shouldn’t interfere with football, playoff experience is better than what ever Andy Dalton has and national civic pride does matter. But once 62 million Americans elected a man who insulting the family of a dead solider , the tendency is to collectively blackball Kapernick out of a job and keep a man who said , ” I like war heroes who weren’t captured” , employed.

Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of all wonderful personalities at The Win Streak. Clint Combs is a columnist for The Win Streak and contributes to The Win Streak Podcast and Next Generation America Podcast. Follow him here.





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