Brandon’s Thoughts: The Bengals are the Bungals after 2 games.

First off welcome to this opinionated article, in this segment I’ll be discussing the decline of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Now for those of y’all that don’t know about myself I am a Baltimore Ravens fan from the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati area looking into my former favorite team. As week 2 of the NFL season concludes after MNF on 18 Sept 2017 there are a few things I’d like to discuss with you readers who are fans or just viewers of the team we know as the Cincinnati Bengals. Bear me for a few minutes and just think rationally.

This is a fairly decent team on paper, but when it comes to execution not so much. We are talking about a team that has yet to score a single touchdown in 8 quarters of play and has to play the Green Bay Packers on the road in week 3. I like the defense Marvin Lewis and Co. has put together but they are allowing to many big plays. When you have the likes of hard hitting Vontaze Burfict, the Controversial Adam “Pac-Man” Jones, The Disruptive Geno Adkins and Carlos Dunlap at the head of the defense how can they be allowing all these big plays happen? All I can think of when this is happening is that the current defensive coordinator can not play call anything worth calling. Now on the offensive side of the ball I can talk shit on the horrendous QB situation with started Andy Dalton and the X factor at that position AJ McCarron. Many of Cincinnati Fans and Marvin Lewis think that Dalton is their franchise QB and savior at that spot, when in real fact it’s Mr. Alabama. AJ has proved himself even though it was short lived when he faced the Super Bowl 50 winning Denver Broncos and a red hot Steelers defense that year. Now everyone can say it was a fluke or just plain luck that he played that well but I firmly believe that AJ is definitely starter material being mishandled by his team and organization. Also another problem I see is them getting dismantling arguably the best offensive line in the NFL by allowing Andrew Whitworth and Kevin Zeitler to leave through Free Agency. Before continuing my downpour on the Bengals, I would like to give them a lot of kudos for upgrading the Skill positions with RB Joe Mixon from Oklahoma and WR John Ross from Washington. Adding those two to the group of Gio Bernard, Jeremy Hill, Tyler Eiffert, Brandon LaFell, AJ Green, And Tyler Boyd would on paper give this team and edge but what are you gonna do when you have this good group of skill positions when your under achieving quarterback is getting sacked and pressured to where he can’t get the ball off the right way. The coaching staff isn’t doing much to help this situation either. Even though it’s been almost 2 years now, how can you allow coaching genius Hue Jackson leave and basically take his offensive greatness to a division rival? I’ve firmly believed that the next guy in line would have to fill big shoes after that and unfortunately the next guy didn’t live up to par. After just 2 games they fired Offensive Coordinator Ken Zampese, this is the guy that Bengals fans thought would be able to fill those big shoes. Yes, the guy was already in the organization and knew the play book just made some of his own adjustments. Unfortunately he couldn’t play call worth shit. Now in my opinion it’s definitely gonna be a long season not only for the team but for the fans as well. If it isn’t a true fight for the AFC North title this season I could see the battle for 3rd place be between The Bengals and The Cleveland Browns. I want it to be a battle for the North but unfortunately I can’t see it. The only teams competing for 1st in the Division this season is The Ravens and Steelers but then again the Steelers don’t impress me all to much this season but we’ll save that for another time.

Well here is my thoughts on the Cincinnati Bengals so far. If things get better for the team then I’ll be wrong and I’ll be proud to admit that but till then I wish everyone a great day and hope you enjoyed my piece. Keep on Winning everyone!


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